A database of postcodes/zipcodes and the corresponding spatial locations in terms of a latitude and a longitude (or similar coordinates in an openly published national coordinate system). If a postcode/zipcode system does not exist in the country, please submit a dataset of administrative borders. Data submitted in this category must satisfy the following minimum conditions

  • Zipcodes
  • Address
  • Coordinate (latitude longitude)
  • national level
  • updated once a year

  • Administrative boundaries

  • Boarders poligone
  • name of poligone (city, neighborhood)
  • national level
  • updated once a year

Data Location


Data matching the listed criteria does not exist.

Latvia Post has a related dataset: ZIP-code index page ("Pasta indeksu grāmata") containing a number of XLS files in unstructured / semi-structured form.

It shows the mapping between locations (towns, street addresses, etc.) and relevant ZIP-codes but does not contain geo-coordinates nor is there another service where one could resolve ZIP-codes to geo-coordinates.

Reviewer comments


Data Availability

  • N Openly licensed
  • N Is the data available for free
  • N Is the data machine readable
  • N Available in bulk
  • N Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis
  • N Is data in digital form
  • N Publicly available
  • N Does the data exist
  • N Is the data available online
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Date the data became available   Unknown
Format of data   Unknown
Reviewer   Codrina Maria Ilie
Submitters   Uldis Bojars
Last modified   Mon Sep 28 2015 17:33:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)