Records of actual (past) national government spending at a detailed transactional level; A database of contracts awarded or similar will not considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditure. Data submitted in this category should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Individual record of transactions.
  • Date of the transactions
  • Government office which had the transaction
  • Name of vendor
  • amount of the transaction
  • Update on a monthly basis

Data Location


It is unknown whether such a database currently exist. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia had planned to implement the SPAN (Sistem Perbendaharaan dan Anggaran Negara/State Treasury and Budget System) in 2013, but it has been delayed. The SPAN is meant to be an internal integrated system of all processes related to the management of the budget, including budget preparation, budget document management, procurement management, payment management, revenue management, cash management, and reporting. Before, such transactional-level data seem to be scattered among individual line ministries instead of being in a unified database. Whether such detailed data is considered 'public' is unknown. A much more aggregated realized spending report, however, is available for download in PDF form from (quarterly report) or (annual report). A database of nationwide government awarded contracts is also available at the LKPP LPSE e-Procurement portal

Data Availability

  • ? Openly licensed
  • ? Is the data available for free
  • ? Is the data machine readable
  • ? Available in bulk
  • ? Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis
  • ? Is data in digital form
  • ? Publicly available
  • ? Does the data exist
  • ? Is the data available online
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


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