Records of actual (past) national government spending at a detailed transactional level; A database of contracts awarded or similar will not considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditure. Data submitted in this category should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Individual record of transactions.
  • Date of the transactions
  • Government office which had the transaction
  • Name of vendor
  • amount of the transaction
  • Update on a monthly basis

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The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) says the David Granger administration appears to have created a parallel treasury as it expressed concern over the exorbitant spending that has been taking place without the apparent lawful and financial processes being followed. The Party, on Saturday, called on Finance Minister Winston Jordan to release a full account of all the monetary and non-monetary contributions received by the Government during the past two weeks. It stated that the recent spending by the Government since it took office lacks accountability and transparency as the PPP/C demanded clarification on several pressing issues.

The rest of the article can be found at:

The data still seems to be collected given a mid year report published beginning of October which shows actual spending of 2014:

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  • N Openly licensed
  • N Is the data available for free
  • N Is the data machine readable
  • N Available in bulk
  • N Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis
  • Y Is data in digital form
  • N Publicly available
  • Y Does the data exist
  • N Is the data available online
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  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


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